Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Daddy?

Ghouly blues madman Screamin' Jay Hawkins is rumored to have fathered more than 57 children. There is actually a Web site ( in existence to help suspected children submit DNA to find out if they are in fact one of his offspring. Hundreds of submissions to the site have come from Singapore, Finland, Italy, Australia and more. Apparently Screamin' Jay's spells had enough mojo to travel cross continental.

Not surprising from a man that was born on a bus, abandoned and raised by Blackfoot Indians, admittedly practiced voodoo, regularly rose out of coffins, was literally stabbed in the back by a woman scorned, and died at age 70 married to a 31-year old woman.

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to point out the fact that King Khan of King Khan and the Shrines (above) may be interested in handing over some of his saliva...

King Khan and the Shrines are playing in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock Social Club with France Has the Bomb and Mark Sultan on Sat., May 16th. Although I've never seen a show, I hear there is usually debauchery and male nudity involved with this act. This is all very suspicious. Try not to get pregnant.

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