Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tropic of Cancer - M.U. Podcast #31 (December 2011) by Mundo Urbano on Mixcloud

'I've Lost a Friend' -- A Tropic of Cancer Mixtape

This is a mix for the loved and unloved, the lost and the found. It was compiled in moments of weakness.

Ela Orleans / Tides and Shadows

Autopoeises / Untitled

Oneohtrix / Replica

Grouper / Cassiopeia

Franz Liszt Two Pieces from the Hungarian Coronation S501/R192: I. Benedictus

Horrid Red / Marble Staircase Parts I & II

Anika / I Go to Sleep

Ela Orleans / In the Night

Julee Cruise / I Remember

Vincent Gallo / So Sad

Nico / Eulogy to Lenny Bruce

Fit & Limo / Surrealist Waltz

Broadcast / Tears In the Typing Pool

Daphne Oram / High Speed Flight

Chris & Cosey / The Gates of Ancient Cities

Holy Strays / Phrenesia

The Haxan Cloak / Observatory

The Cure / All Cats Are Grey

Leyland Kirby / The Arrow of Time

Ela Orleans / Vertigo

Tropic Of Cancer / The Dull Age

Julee Cruise / Mysteries of Love

Bowery Electric / Lushlife

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